O T X is the dark electro project from Ortax, an anglo-italian artist/producer/designer based in Paris (France).

« O T X, one of my darkest music project , tries to merge different styles of music like Soundtrack, EBM, Drum'n'Bass, Psychedelic Trance and Industrial. My first album, which is entitled «Escape» has been released in 2004 on Brume Records. This label is managed by Gwenn Trémorin aka Flint Glass, but also known as Tzolk'in (with Empusae).

This adventure on Brume gave me the opportunity to meet people from the gothic and industrial scene like Oil 10, Empusae, This Morn Omina, Disharmony, Displacer, DJ Morgana, DJ Razor Grrl, DJ Kyronn, DJ Reaktor, DJ Petichat, DJ Senix ... and also Stephane Berla, a young and talentuous director, who created the videoclip "Weapons Factory" that has won different prizes all over the world.

Two new albums are about to come. The second album is based on the forthcoming show called "Cataclysme" directed by Dorothée Morin, a talentuous french girl. The third one, more dancefloor like, is based on a collaboration with the canadian singer Daria aka DJ Morgana. »

To discover all music projects from Ortax, go to www.ortax-creations.com. Please, take the time to visit also O T X's MySpace at : www.myspace.com/otxmusic