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LIVE-ACT @ Porto Rio with DJ João & Miguel from Connexion Bizarre
(February 04, 2006)

An exclusive concert will take place @ Porto Rio, kind of french "Batofar" club place. You will discover my new video & audio live concert.


"Escape" nominated for Qwartz Awards 2005 !
(October/December 2005)

Debut album "Escape" has been selected and needed your vote to become "Electronic Album of the Year". More infos on Qwartz's website.


"TO PROTECT AND TO SERVE" (Motorcycle Remix)
(July 2005)

A featuring with french guitarist Cerulean Shore pushed the To Protect and To Serve track to its extreme !! Discover it in a few days in Connexion Bizarre limited CD, later on the O T X website and in January in the forthcoming magazine ""Bloody Mary Music" (USA)

Bloody Mary Music : 5419 Hollywood Blvd, Suite C230 Hollywood, CA 90027 USA.

"Equilibre" from Shizuka (Parametric Records)
(May 2005)

Debut album "Equilibre" from new artist Shizuka will be release on May the 19th on Label Parametric (home of Mlada Fronta, Haiku, Mimetic, Milligramme & Nimp) and will include a remix of "Les Esprits" by O T X.

Millimetric Records : 42 rue Alexandre Dumas - 33560 - Sainte Eulalie - FRANCE

(April 2005)

Body & Soul has chosen "Weapons Factory" the most dancefloor & core track of first album "Escape" (Brume Records).

Machinist Records

(April 2005)

A.L.P.H.A. compilation from Geska Records is now available and include exclusive "Microscope Invasion" track from O T X !

Geska Record : 115 Monchamp - St-Constant (Québec, Canada J5A 1P1)

"Connected Vol 1" COMPILATION RELEASE with O T X
(January 2005)

Connected Vol.1 from Connexion Bizarre Radio is an exclusive 50 copies compilation CD !

Connexion Bizarre

O T X Website v3.0 is launch !
(February 21st, 2005)

Hope this new website made by our partner "Ortax Creations" will give you maximum online entertainment !


LIVE-ACT @ KATABAR with DJ Kyronn & guests
(February 14, 2005)

2 hours of Live Act that starts at 21h30 with DJ Kyronn, vocalist Inès Villegas, song writer Agnès Willette ... Live OTX + Live Electro/Break/Electronica

Katabar : 37 rue Fontaine - 75009 (Paris, France) - Metro Blanche

LIVE-ACT with Inès Villegas (Paris, France)
(February 10, 2005)

Stefano aka OTX will do a show with Inès Villegas at the "Caveau des Artistes" near Montmartre (Paris). A jazz, latino & electro night for music lovers.

Caveau des Artistes : 79 rue des Martyrs - 75009 (Paris, France) - Métro Pigalle

(February 2005)

The unreleased "Microscope Invasion" track have been selected for the new A.L.P.H.A. compilation from Geska Records !

Geska Record : 115 Monchamp - St-Constant (Québec, Canada J5A 1P1)

BRUME RECORDS FESTIVAL @ Austrasique (Nancy)
(December 11, 2004)

First Official Brume Records label festival with Oil10, OTX, Flint Glass, Sylvgheist Maelstrom vs Dither in exclusive Live-Acts & VJing ! Keep informed on the Brume Records website. Managed by Eaux Troubles : http://www.eaux-troubles.com

L'Austrasique : 34 bd Austrasie - 54000 (Nancy, France)

AxC 02 COMPILATION RELEASE with OTX vs Displacer
(October 2004)

Together with Canadian Artist "Displacer", a new track called "Distorted Reality" has been created and is now selected for the AxC 02 compilation CD.

Axess Code Records

"WEAPONS FACTORY" won a prize at the Festival International des Arts du Clip 2004 !!
(September 12, 2004)

The jury of the "Festival International des Arts du Clip" made up of Alain CHAMFORT, Jean-Louis BOMPOINT, Mark MAGGIORI, Khalil CHAHINE, Sylvain LEBEL, Jean-François BOURGEOT and Pierre SIANKOWSKI gave us the "Young Talent" prize of the festival.

Festival du Clip : ACADEMIE DES ARTS DU CLIP - 3, Place Chabaneau - 34000 (Montpellier, France) http://www.festivalduclip.com

"WEAPONS FACTORY" videoclip selected for Antimatter Festival of Underground Short Films and Videos
(September 17, 2004 )

Well (again !!) "Weapons Factory" is selected in the 7th Antimatter Festival of Underground Short Film & Video, September 17 to 25, 2004 in Victoria, BC, Canada.

AntiMatter : F - 1322 Broad Street, Victoria, BC, Canada V8W 2A9

Festival International des Arts du Clip 2004 : Weapons Factory selected ! [September 12, 2004]

"Weapons Factory" videoclip is selected in the Festival International des Arts du Clip in Paris (France). This year, video clip is 40 years old ! Let’s get through its story in 5 steps in the Festivalduclip website ...

Festival du Clip : ACADEMIE DES ARTS DU CLIP - 3, Place Chabaneau - 34000 (Montpellier, France) http://www.festivalduclip.com

VIDEODANCE 2004 : Weapons Factory selected !
[September 10, 2004]

"Weapons Factory" videoclip has been selected for the official program of 5th International Festival on Movement and the Moving Image "VIDEODANCE 2004" in Athens (Greece).

Video Dance 004 : International Thessaloniki Film Festival
9, Alexandra's Av. - 114 73 (Athens, Greece)


[September 05, 2004 - 21h30]

Exlusive 45 minutes Live Act with VJ's @ the New Rock. A store entirely devoted to the boots & shoes. More than 200 permanent models, of the innovations every month and the manufacture of single models, there is no doubt that this place is the underground kingdom of the shoes (rising, boots, neutrals) and accessories (belts, leggings) .

New Rock : 35 rue Turbigot (Paris, France) - Metro Arts & Métiers.

TRAX Magazine : OTX Interview !
[September 01, 2004]

Exclusive Interview in french biggest electronic magazine TRAX, also available an exclusive track from "Escape" in the free CD Sampler.

MCM / MCM.net : Weapons Factory on Playlist !
[September 01, 2004]

"Weapons Factory" will now be part of the videoclip section of MCM.net, official website of the biggest music TV channel.


O T X Website v2.0 is launch !
[August 10, 2004]

The v2 website can now offers you new services and updated news and mp3 for your own pleasure.


[June 19, 2004]

Exlusive Live-Acts of O T X (Brume Records) and Cosmic Pocket (InVitrop Records) followed by DJ's Petit Chat, Alvyn K and Elite LK.

O T X "ESCAPE" album now for sale !!
(June 01, 2004)

Official release of debut album "Escape" with 11 tracks, 2 remixes by Oil 10 and Displacer and 1 videoclip by FrenchFrog (Stéphane Berla). Booklet and Artwork by Massengrab and german photographer Katrin Guntershausen.

Brume Records : Résidence Le Palacio - 3 Place des Féderés - 93160 (Noisy le Grand, France)