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"Escape" (CD Album)
© Brume Records - June 2004

All tracks written, performed & mixed by O T X
Design and Artwork by Massengrab
Photocredits by Katrin Guntershausen
Videoclip directed by Stéphane Berla

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"A.L.P.H.A." (CD Compilation)
© Geska Records - April 2005

Include "Microscope Invasion"
O T X (p) + © 2004 Brume Records

"Body & Soul" (CD Compilation)
© Machinist Records - April 2005

Include "Weapons Factory" (Taken from the album "Escape")
O T X (p) + © 2004 Brume Records

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"AxC 02" (CD Compilation)
© Axess Records - October 2004

Include "Distorted Reality"
O T X (p) + Displacer (p) + © 2004 Brume Records + © 2004 M-Tronic


"BLOODY MARY" (CD Compilation)
© Bloody Mary Music Records - June/July 2005

Include "To Protect and To Serve" Motorcycle Combination Remix by O T X featuring Cerulean Shore

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"D-Side 23" (Various Artists CD)
© 2004 D-Side Magazine

"To Protect and To Serve" (From "Escape")
(O T X (p) + © 2004 Brume Records)

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Only available in France, Belgium and Switzerland